‘Odds and ends’: Neville Southall reflects on potential Everton takeover

Everton legend Neville Southall has questioned why more investors aren’t looking at the Toffees as a potential opportunity.

The former goalkeeper states there should be a ‘queue of people’ looking at the Blues following the news that 777 Partners could be looking at a potential takeover.

Indeed, the club’s most successful player, Southall states that Everton’s history and fanbase should be attracting potential buyers, referring to 777’s investment as an ‘odds and ends’ deal.

Speaking with the Liverpool Echo, Southall states: “I don’t understand with the club, its history, with the successes it’s had in the past, the fanbase that we’ve got, why there’s not a queue of people lining up to buy Everton.

Why are there only odds and ends coming out?

Yes the team needs money pumping into it and everyone knows that but if you look at Everton as an overall brand with the new stadium, for me as an investor I’d be going ‘wow’ if we can get this right on the pitch, that club is going to fly, it could be Champions League.”

Neville Southall once again has the right of it

There a few clubs with the untapped potential of Everton and the move to the Bramley-Moore Dock will no doubt be a key motivator for anyone looking to invest.

Yes, the club’s recruitment has been woeful for many years now and our off-the-pitch performance has been just as bad as the results on it, a sentiment echoed by Southall.

The 65-year-old continued: “I can only come to two assumptions from all of that.

Either I’m seeing something that nobody else can or we’re really bad at marketing the club.

In today’s world, when I look at Everton Football Club, it’s a bargain.

We just need some good, solid recruitment and then upstairs you’ve got to hope that it goes to someone who actually gives a shit and can take the club forward.”

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