Peter Reid Calls For “Wholesale Changes”

Peter Reid believes Everton need “wholesale changes from the top”.

In an interview with Granada Reports, the former Everton player said: “It was a relief [surviving relegation]. It was tough times for the club. I know no one’s got a divine right to stay up.

“I found myself supporting Liverpool against Leicester, the world’s gone upside down.

“Recruitment hasn’t been good. We’ve got the right manager in place now.

“There has been a disconnect from the majority of supporters and the board. That’s got to be addressed.

“The club has got to be united and unified. We’ve now got to get some players in and we’ve got to back them.

“The job Sean Dyche did at Burnley was fantastic. We’ve got to get behind the manager and the staff.

“Something has to change. We can’t have people running the football club who aren’t coming to games. It needs wholesale changes from the top.

“Historically Everton are a massive football club, the fan base is massive. But you’ve got to get it right on the park. We can’t be doing this every season.”

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