Canary Across The Mersey

Canary Across The Mersey is about being a young boy growing up in Liverpool as an Everton supporter and a perilous journey of a lost Canary.

“This beautifully illustrated and charming tale is the true story of a football-loving boy who tries to rescue an escaped canary. Set in Liverpool during the early 1970s, Dr Michael Boyles evocative depiction of half-remembered childhood touchstones will delight readers both young and old. This was a time when families travelled by ferry, news travelled by paper, and birds travelled by… well exactly how did this one travel? Was it really a Canary across the Mersey?”

You can buy the book here.

About the author: Dr Michael Boyle was a young boy who went to St George’s Primary School and lived on the edge of Liverpool with his family. This book is based on a true story which was witnessed by Michael, his friends, teachers and his parents – for that reason, the book is dedicated to Michael’s Mum and Dad, Lily and Roy Boyle and his teacher, Mrs Rose Purcell.

Michael is now a General Practitioner and donates much of his time to charitable causes, one of which is the Sleep Charity. Michael spreads awareness about the importance of sleep and the effect of a bed time story upon a child’s behaviour the following day.

Michael has chosen to donate 10% from each book and E-book sale directly to the Sleep Charity. The Charity spreads knowledge on pre-bed routines for children, adults and families and reconsolidates the power of a good bedtime story.

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