Frank Lampard: Stakes Bigger Than Title Challenge

Frank Lampard has admitted that the stakes of Everton’s survival in the Premier League feel of greater significance to him than when he was challenging for titles at the other end of the table during his playing days at Chelsea.

Speaking in his pre match press conference ahead of this evenings game with Watford, Lampard said: “When you live this experience of a relegation battle it so consumes you and you so want the right thing because you understand what the stakes are.

“The stakes for this are bigger for me now than when I won the Premier League as a player because of what it means to the club.

“The economics of it are greater as well to a different degree and, individually, how you feel about it. The idea of what that will mean to the people who work here, and the fans how they feel about it, is heightened.

“There shouldn’t be any way, with four games to go and one point out of the relegation zone, that you think you are fine. We’ve got a big job to do still.”

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