Watford fans want their team to lose to Burnley to help relegate Everton…

Watford fans are wishing their own team to lose against Burnley this weekend to help relegate Everton.

In a Watford v Burnley match preview thread on WFCForums.com, the comments quickly turn to fans urging their own team to lose;

luke_golden: Desperate to lose this. I won’t be watching, but if I was going to, I’d be cheering every Burnley goal like one of our own. The only thing to play for in our remaining games is relegating Everton, and extending our run of home defeats.

Jumbolina: One of the rare times I hope we lose. Imagine the pressure on Everton when they play Chelsea the following day!

A19TGG: Comfortably the most enjoyable game we’ll play this season, the only annoying result will be a draw.

FromDiv4: Agreed, we are down so losing this and winning against Everton to help them down would be good.

RS2: Looking forward to defeat in this one, hopefully Burnley stick a few past us for the goal difference.

hornmeister: We should throw this match. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than seeing Everton relegated.

J.B: So the plan is to sing Vydra’s name for 90 minutes and hope we lose right?

Bubble: Let’s hope Burnley smoke us!! Come on Burnley!!

Relegation Certs: Have a bad feeling we’re going to win this one.

Supertommymooney: Time to mix it up; play the kids from the u23s and put Pedro in goal. Maybe Foster up front. Camera in the other goal to capture his expression when he scores.

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