Frank Lampard on Everton 1-0 Man Utd

Frank Lampard believes fighting comes ‘first and foremost’ before beautiful football as Everton look to fight relegation.

Lampard told BT Sport: “I’m very proud. Pressure times. The reality of the situation. At Goodison we have been good. We are getting clean sheets at home.

“When we come together with fans and players we are hard to beat here.

“It starts with us. The crowd were great but they could switch off if they see people not working. When you are not at your best you have to fight through it. You might give a ball away but the only way to get that back is to fly in and make a tackle.

“Beautiful football can come later on. I have ambitions for this club to stay up, play well, but in the position we are in, fighting comes first and foremost.

“We have missed Delph. It goes unnoticed. If we have one or two defensive midfielders out it’s tough for us as we don’t have that there. He gave us a sense of calm. He was great today.

“It’s one win. We should have got a result in the week but didn’t. You have to keep going. It’s not easy when you wake up the next morning after Burnley. My job first and foremost is to lift everyone. They are a good bunch these players.”

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