Farhad Moshiri’s Message To Everton Fans

Farhad Moshiri believes Everton’s future is bright and has called on Evertonians to unite, to back Frank Lampard and to be patient.

Mr Moshiri told evertontv: “Frank is an impressive young man on and off the pitch. You can quickly relate to him and there is a positivity and confidence that comes through,.

“The more you see of him, the more you like him. He is a very likeable man and I’m really pleased we’ve secured his services.

“He is from a footballing family, it is in his blood, he is a winner and played at the highest level of the English game.

“He will give the team an immediate boost. A dressing room will always rise to someone of his character and achievement.

“I will provide the system to support him. The process is vital to ensure all components of Everton fully support the manager. Fans are the most important part of that.

“You can buy any player; you can’t buy the 12th man.

“The biggest thing for us – for me, for Bill [Kenwright, Chairman], for all parts of this great and beautiful club, is to get behind this manager.

“Let’s unite behind the team, give the team the 12th man and start moving up the table.

“Our future us bright. We just need to be united. Maybe together, me and the fans should be more patient – I am also impatient.

“We have to get behind the manager and give him that Goodison feeling, and I think success will come with that. Throughout the team there are strengths, so if we get the confidence back and the Goodison crowd gives them the 12th man, that is the most important signing we can get in this window.”

“We ensured a lot of expertise went into it.

“We had Graeme Sharp, with his vast football experience, and our Board. Tim Cahill was (also) advising me personally and attending all the interviews. He did very diligent, serious work.

“Our Chairman is very important. We are keeping the Chairman as long as we can. He manfully fulfils his functions and I really appreciate what the Chairman does.”

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