Lucas Digne Completes Aston Villa Move

Lucas Digne has completed a transfer to Aston Villa on an undisclosed fee – believed to be in the region of £23-25m.

Digne expressed disappointment in the way his time at Everton come to an end, using Instagram to send a message to Evertonians;

Thank you for 3 1/2 years in Blue

From Day One the Evertonians have received me with a lot of warm feelings, and I am forever thankful for that.

I have loved to be a part of the Everton family.

I have always worked hard to give back to the fans on and off the pitch.

I have loved the unity of fans and players.

Not only Goodison on a match day but also in everyday life.

Only one year ago I signed a new contract with the ambition of staying in this club for a long time, giving everything for my club, for the development and project, that I believed in – and for the passionate fans.

My dream was helping the club back where it belongs.
Wearing the captain’s armband in some matches always made me proud.

Everything must come to an end.

I just did not expect it to end this way.

What has happened and some things that was said about me in the last month has made me very sad.

But I will not enter a war on words with anyone.

The club don’t deserve that, the fans don’t deserve that – and to be honest, I don’t feel that I deserve that.

There are so many good and decent people in and around Everton who want to the best for this club and not only for themself – and to them i can only say from my heart: I wish you the best!

Thank you, to all you wonderful, proud and passionate true Evertonians. It has been a an honour and a true pleasure to play for you, the fans, the people – because a club do not belong to a player or a manager, but to the fans. I will always carry you with me in my heart wherever I go.

Sometimes it only takes one person from outside to destroy a beautiful love affair.

All the best to Everton and Evertonians

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