Seamus Coleman On Rafael Benitez Appointment

Seamus Coleman has called on his teammates and fans to come together and look forward to the new season under Rafael Benitez.

Speaking to On The Ball, the Everton captain said: “Its been an interesting summer in terms of losing the manager and then we had a few weeks where we waited on the news of a new manager,’

“I think now as a group of players, as a group of supporters, as staff members, ultimately, we want what’s best for Everton. To get what’s best for Everton, we all need to come together now and look forward to the new season. The manager has come to be successful and be part of the Everton family.

“Unfortunately, I’ve probably been having these talks too many times because I think as a club the managers’ situations has been changing a lot and that’s never a good sign.

“We’ve lost some managers along the way and that’s been disappointing, but I think now as a group… we need to all come together and be as positive as possible.

“There have been too many seasons that have just dwindled out and we need to get that right.

Acknowledging discontent towards the appointment, Coleman said: “Ultimately, you’ve got to understand big Everton supporters and that rivalry but on the other hand, the decision is made.

“The manager has managed Liverpool, but in the mean time he has been to manager a lot of different clubs in between.

“As players and staff we need and want what’s best for Everton Football Club and as I touched on, there have been too many seasons that just dwindled out.

“That’s on me and a lot of the players and me as captain in the last couple of years. Now, we’re ready to go again and come back and impress the new manager.

“Like I keep talking about, and I’m not embarrassed to say it, we want what’s best for Everton and we want to be successful.

“I’m sure fans are sick hearing me say it but I’ll keep saying it until the day I kick my last football for Everton: we want to win a trophy at that football club.”

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