TALKHUB – Men’s Mental Health Walk & Talk and Podcast

“It’s good to talk, lads”

Initially a mental health podcast, Talkhub has continually evolved and adapted to a changing world to provide invaluable in-person, and online support.

We’ve asked Evertonian Jay Deakin, founder of TALKHUB to tell us a little more about it.

Jay Deakin: “I set up Talkhub as a mental health podcast at first in November 2019 to help others by sharing my story and talking about different topics. A couple of months later whilst recovering from a nose op I had the idea whilst I was out walking to set a Men’s walk & talk group up.

“In Feb 2020, six of us met up for the first walk and since then it’s just grown massively. Unfortunately we only got to go on 2 walks before COVID-19 hit so we moved to virtual walks instead over zoom.

“The lads were encouraged to go out on there walks at the same time on a Saturday, get a photo and then meet up on zoom afterwards. This worked really well during lockdown and once restrictions were eased we started to meet up for socially distanced walks again.

“Last year we did 19 men’s walks and 20 zoom chats as well as 6 football sessions.

“My favourite walk was the Walton Park to Stanley Park one, passing by Goodison of course!

It’s basically a group where guys can come along to and share their problems with the support of the group.

We have some core values of being respectful to others, being non judgemental and supportive to others.

If any guys would like to get involved with our walks and zoom chats then get in touch with us on Twitter and Instagram @talkhub_

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