Everton’s Structured Approach to the Transfer Market is Behind Strong Start

After years of mediocrity, Everton are finally getting things right. Carlo Ancelotti’s side are competing near the top of the Premier League, and bringing European football back to Goodison Park seems a very realistic aim.

When it comes to analysing why that has been the case, there is one obvious answer staring everyone in the face – the Italian manager himself. There’s no denying that Ancelotti’s appointment has transformed the Toffees, and his coaching ability is clear to see. Michael Keane is producing the sort of form that convinced Everton to splash out big money on the England international, whilst Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s game has gone up several levels in the past 12 months.

However, there’s more to it than just good coaching and sound organisation, because Ancelotti’s impact at Everton stretches beyond the pitch. His presence has ensured other parts of Everton have finally fitted together, including the recruitment. 

A clear issue in the past ten years has been transfers. Simply put, Everton spent far too much money on average players. Now, it’s different. Of course, Ancelotti’s CV speaks for itself. He has managed the biggest clubs in the world, including Real Madrid and AC Milan, winning titles across Europe and the Champions League. Therefore, he has a pull that other clubs can’t match – even some in England.

That is why Brazilian international Allan made the move to Merseyside when there would have been several high-profile suitors. Likewise, James Rodriguez. It’s also why Lucas Digne and Richarlison will be happy to stay at Everton for their peak years, as they will finally believe under Ancelotti they can fulfil their ambitions.

Importantly, the club now has a sound structure to build off moving forward. In the past, they would make signings for Sam Allardyce to suit his style. Just like they did for Ronald Koeman and Marco Silva. Different managers, different styles, no plan. Whilst those individuals had done well in previous roles, none had the authority or respect that Ancelotti has in the game, which left the club in a mess.

That’s no longer the case. Ancelotti’s presence has given the club the safety net that means they don’t have to worry about any immediate issues on the pitch. Plus, having worked at some of the biggest clubs in the world, he will demand that Everton start acting like them, and that spreads.

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For Everton, Ancelotti is that USP. Whilst the Toffees are a huge club historically in England, he is the reason the Blues will get back to the top. It’s his name that attracts players, and it’s his desire to demand the best from everyone around him that will drive the standards up.

Obviously, the ex-Chelsea chief also needs time. In football, there is a culture of requiring instant success, but Evertonians will be able to see the bigger picture now. If the team don’t make the top four, or the top six this season, it’s not the end of the world, because everyone recognises they are on the right track.

With a large fan base, a wealthy owner, a potential new stadium, and a manager who has a global reputation, Everton finally have everything in place off the pitch. On the pitch, there is still work to be done. Certain members of the current squad haven’t shown they belong at a club that wants to be at the level Everton aspire to be at. So, more changes will be made in the upcoming transfer windows, where Ancelotti will use his contacts to bring in more proven quality. 

Ultimately, there is now excitement and optimism about Everton, and that can be traced back to one single day – 21st December, 2019. That was when Ancelotti was named as the new boss and, since then, the club has evidently, somewhat, got its act together. We’re just over a year into the project, but the signs are good as Everton look to get back to where they belong; being a force in English football.

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