Marco Silva Reflects On Everton

Marco Silva has lamented luck and a tough transfer market as key reasons behind his sacking at Everton, but respects Everton’s decision to sack him.

Marco Silva: “I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on everything. When I left it was a tough decision for everyone. I had the confidence with my staff and the players that we will get things again for us. But I have to respect it was made. The position in the table was not good.

“In football, many of the decisions we have to make in the moment, and then you can look to analyse the game and if you had to do something different. But football is in the moment and you have to prepare your team for the next game.

“The market was difficult for us because we had a tough market the season before. We did fantastic, the way we finish, and I said it would be key for us to get stronger this season and the season after. It was a key situation but it was a difficult market for us. We signed young players again, and most of them came in the last week of the market. It’s always difficult It’s not to find excuses but we have to be open.

“We had tough moments in which we were not lucky at all. We scored three own goals in that period. I believe myself and the staff worked really hard and gave our maximum but sometimes things don’t go the way we wanted. The Brighton and the Tottenham games especially was very strange what happened on the pitch.

“But after we had moments we didn’t play the way we wanted and as manager I have to take responsibility.”

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