Is This the Year the Top Six is Broken?

As another Premier League season begins, fans up and down the country have ambition in their hearts, and that is exactly the case at Everton. For many years now, Everton have been below the top six but in the top half of the table. With those near the top looking a little suspect though, is now the time for someone to break through and get into the top six, and if it is, can that be Everton?

Looking at the squads assembled for the new season, if anyone is to break into the top six then it will be either Everton, Leicester or Wolves. Out of those three, although Leicester have won the Premier League title as recently as 2016, it is Everton out of those three clubs that have the best tradition when it comes to finishing in and around the top half of the table, just behind the big teams.

Specifically focusing on the Toffees and there is no doubt that they have strengthened this season, and go into the new campaign with a better squad than the one we saw last season. However, it is the lack of improvement from those usually above that will give cause for optimism.

Old Seats in the Bullens Road Stand” by Jon Candy (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Manchester United are once again struggling to improve, and although the capture of Harry Maguire will help out their back line, the problems they have at the club are far greater than him alone. Chelsea pulled their way back into the top four last season and will be looking to build on that but this summer has seen them lose their best player, fail to sign anyone due to a transfer embargo and bring in a rookie manager with just one Championship season under his belt. It would be no surprise to see either of those two clubs struggle to keep up with the rest, and they have to be the ones with targets on their backs as far as Everton goes.

It would be no surprise to see the latest football betting tips feature Everton as a potential top-six team. The bookmakers have the ‘big six’ all odds-on to retain their place this coming season, but of those who are currently outside looking in, it is Everton who are the shortest-priced team at 10/3.

They are closely followed by Leicester and Wolves, who will have the same lofty aim as Everton this season, although it is unlikely that more than one of these three will break in. With the incoming transfers to the club, a core that has been kept together and genuine question marks over at least two of the current top six, Everton have an opportunity this coming season. It may only be a small one, but it is something to aim for, and a reason to get behind the Toffees right from the start.

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