Lookman Leaves Everton

Ademola Lookman has completed a permanent transfer to RB Leipzig for an undisclosed fee.

The 21-year-old featured in 48 matches for Everton since joining for £11m in January 2017 and spent the closing months of the 2017/18 campaign on loan with German club Leipzig.

In March, Marco Silva called for more consistency from Lookman in his daily work and questioned the players desire.

Marco Silva: “He is trying, he is giving and what I want coming from him is more consistency in his daily work.”

Asked what Lookman needs to do in order to hold down a place in the Everton starting XI, Silva said: “He has to be the same Lookman everyday.

“He has to be the same Lookman that has that desire.

“We know what his quality is and you know I believe in his quality since the first day I saw him so it has to be same Lookman everyday with the same desire everyday.

“He needs to understand what the coach wants coming from him, and any winger in our model, because, after that, the quality he has.

“He is a young football player but, being honest with you, I expect Ademola to be on a different level already this season.

“I keep believing, 100%, in his quality as a football player, there are no doubts about that, but what I want to see coming from him is the same desire coming from him, each day, to achieve that, to reach that level he wants and the level I believe he can play at.”

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