From the Heart of Everton’s Badge

Since 1787 the Everton Lock-up has stood at the peak of Everton Brow, eventually being placed at the heart of Everton’s badge. There is a rich history and many stories that have never been told attached to this small tower and Goodison Park. From The Heart of Everton’s Badge to The Grand Old Lady takes you on a journey through The People’s Club historic past.

Produced by Blue Park Productions, in association with The Epstein Theatre, the play, written by Kenny O’Connell, celebrates the extraordinary history of Everton Football Club and is back at the Hannover Street theatre for the second time.

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When the club organise an event outside the Lock-Up to celebrate 125 years of Goodison Park, to promote the anticipated move to Bramley Moore Dock. Jamie and Robbo, two Evertonians, barge their way through the crowd and barricade themselves inside in protest.

The crowd along with the media disperse as a heavy storm breaks out and once inside the Lock-Up, Jamie informs Robbo of his goal to search for Prince Rupert’s gold that he believes is buried underground. Not wanted the club to relocate, he intends to use this gold to renovate his beloved Goodison Park and Robbo all be it reluctantly agrees to join him on the crusade.

Once they stumble upon the secret tunnel, the ghosts of Everton’s past are released. Jamie and Robbo listen in awe as Dixie Dean, Molly Bushell, Prince Rupert and Bessie Braddock reveal remarkable stories of love, triumph and some magical and memorable nights at Goodison Park featuring some archive film footage. Some may even bring a tear to your eye!

They are taken on a historical journey through each ghost, discovering what really lies beneath their feet and the true meaning of being inside the heart of Everton’s badge.

This entertaining show features songs – some old and some new and moments that will make you laugh and maybe even cry including a poignant moment recalling Hillsborough aided by a moving rendition of the Hollie’s song He Ain’t Heavy.

As the club looks ahead to the future and a new stadium, now more than ever is the perfect time to give this show a watch. It is perfect for any Evertonian with something everyone can relate to – young and old.

“Funny, poignant, moving” –  Liverpool Echo*

“To capture the ideal of a club is remarkable, to do it without stepping into the realms of hype or flailing overblown praise is to be congratulated” 8.5/10 – Liverpool Sound and Vision*

Catch this home-grown homage to Everton FC at the Epstein Theatre from Thursday 29th August – Saturday 31st August. Tickets start from £12 and can be purchased via box office, telephone or online.

*Reviews from previous performances

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