Richarlison on his debut season as a Blue

Earlier on Wednesday, we joined with Nick Mernock from the Everton Fans Forum at USM Finch Farm to watch first team training and following a damp and windy session, enjoyed the opportunity for a brief talk with Evertons’ Brazilian star, Richarlison.

Q. What has Marco Silva brought to the club and how highly do you think of him ?

A. He knows how to work with players, he’s been really important to us this season. We had some difficult times but he kept things together and made sure us players kept our heads held high, kept our self esteem. He helped us get our confidence back and we started to play well again, taking his plan out onto the pitch. He brings a lot of joy to the players and we want to do our best for him and the fans.

Q. You of course played for him at Watford, how did and does he work with you to bring the best out of you ?

A. He gives me the freedom to do my best, to show and make the most of my talent out on the pitch. He doesn’t hold me back, he gives me the freedom to help my team mates and the team. I like to play up front, in an attacking way and he’s been like that with me all season.

Q. The fans have really taken to you, how do you feel about the song they have for you ?

A. It makes me really happy and I’m always posting it on my Twitter and Instagram. All players dream of having a song sung about them, it’s marvellous, and when they sing it during the game I think it inspires me to do more for the team, to make that extra effort.

Q. What would the favourite goals you’ve scored this season ?

A. I think that would the goals against Wolves, Brighton and the one against Man United.

Q. Looking around the team, who would get your vote as the Player of the Season ?

A. I think all of the players have done great, but I think there’s been a few players who’ve played at a very high level of consistency throughout the season, Gana and Lucas Digne, so given that high level they’ve maintained, I’d go for them.

Q. In recent weeks, the fans have worked hard to create a better atmosphere around the ground, make more noise. As players, has that made a difference to you ?

A. Oh definitely, we’ve really felt it. Four wins out of five at home, it was fundamental for us and in these games, the fans really made a difference for us, pushing us on and we scored in every game.

Q. At what stage do the players pick up on the atmosphere, is it on the tunnel or when you come out onto the pitch ?

A. I think we notice it from when the bus arrives at the ground. We see the fans coming into the stadium, we hear the singing as they crowd around the bus, already engaging with us as players.

Q. What’s your ambition for next season, could we be close to winning a trophy ?

A. We should aim for the Europa League, even the Champions League, obviously, it will be very difficult but that’s what’s really important to the club. We’re really maturing as a team and we know how important it is for Everton to win a title whether it’s the Carabao Cup or the FA Cup, Everton needs to be winning a title.

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