Andre Gomes “Really Happy” At Everton

Andre Gomes is “really happy” and “enjoying playing for Everton” but says he will respect Barcelona and wait until the summer to decide if he wants to join Everton permanently.

Gomes told Sky Sports: “I have to say that I am really happy here. At the moment I am happy with everyone, [but] obviously I’m not so happy because as a club we want more.

“I am enjoying playing for Everton and enjoying my life here but I have to wait til the end of the season. I am one of the people who can decide the future but I am still a Barcelona player and I have to respect everybody.

“I will decide at the end of the season, but right now I am happy here.

“The Premier League is hard,” he added. “Sometimes you feel you are in control and in fact you’re not.

“Often small details change games and that has happened a few times this year, when you come from a defeat like that (Newcastle) it’s difficult to build confidence again.

“But Chelsea will be a good challenge to build that confidence back up again.”

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