Schneiderlin ‘gave the right answer’

Morgan Schneiderlin gave Marco Silva ‘the right answer’ during Everton’s unofficial winter break to secure his first Premier League start in 163 days vs Cardiff City.

Questions have been raised over Schneiderlin’s attitude and ‘lack of commitment’ after he walked out in training, gave repeated lacklustre displays and his subsequent exile from the first team.

However, Marco Silva has revealed he did well the past month and showed he deserved a chance to play.

Marco Silva: “Morgan gave me the right answer in the past 15 days. Tom [Davies] and Andre [Gomes] did well in the last game – but I am here to take the decision about the best XI for each match.

“I will always take the right decision for our team.

“Morgan never gives up. He has been doing well in the past month and showed me he deserved the chance to play.

“We are working to give our fans a good feeling again on Sunday. I know it is a special match for them and we hope we can give them a good result and good feeling.

“It was important we won this game to give us the confidence we need as a team. Sunday will be at home with our fans, we expect a fantastic atmosphere to push us to achieve the result we want.”

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