Lookman on his “next step”

Ademola Lookman has moved to dispel speculation concerning his happiness at the club, and insists his only next step is to show his worth to the team.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Lookman said: “Football is football. I love playing football and I am glad to do that every single day. It is not a case of me being sad. I am just happy to play football

“People said at the time I was crazy to go to Germany but I saw it as another experience and another learning curve for me. I’m glad I did go.

“It was different football, but I wouldn’t say it was daunting. It was just another experience, take it in your stride and get used to it.

“I learnt about being more of a goal threat and showing what I can do. Showing my worth to the team – that is the next step for me.

“I wasn’t unhappy. I had no choice but to work hard. It’s my job. I love to do it wherever I am. I have to work hard. I’m happy here.”

Marco Silva has also reaffirmed his desire to give Ademola Lookman the “conditions to grow” as a footballer and is backing the attacker to play an instrumental role in the Club’s future.

“I never had any doubts about that [Lookman’s ability],” Silva told evertontv. 

“From the first day I came in and started to work with our squad, I didn’t have any doubts about his quality, what he can achieve and what he can do playing in our shirt. 

“It is up to us to work with him and give him all the conditions to grow. 

“But I don’t doubt he will be an important player for us. He is already – but he will become more and more so in the future.”

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