Pickford would be “stupid” to even consider move

Jordan Pickford would be “stupid” to consider a move away from Everton this summer, says former boss David Moyes.

Moyes: “I think Everton is the right club for Jordan. It’s a big club, he’s only just moved and I would say to him it would be stupid to even consider another move if there was to be an option for him.

“I think it will help him being at Everton because he will get enough work and he’s got a chance to develop without every single thing he does being scrutinised.

“He is still young and he just needs to keep getting his games in. The last thing he needs to bother about is any speculation.

“If you go to the World Cup and do as well as he has done, you’ve shown you can stand on any stage. But all he needs to do is go back to Everton, keep working and look to improve. Don’t let anything slip, don’t be complacent.

“At the moment he is a young player who has played very well. But the key to being a top player is going back and performing just as well.

“Near enough everybody accepts him as England’s No 1 now and, at the age he is, that shows how good he is.

“But there’s also a chance that if he does it right, there is longevity for him. He could easily be England’s No 1 for the next 10 years.”

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