FANS EMAILS: Liverpool 3-1 Everton

We started the game with umpteen injuries to key players yet with a youthful starting line up.

And what did you expect from the start? Mane put Liverpool ahead within minutes of kick off. Bad defending (although Holgate looked decent), and Pennington in a bit of a baptism of fire, needing guidance from the two more experienced defenders, which he sadly didn’t get.

He did however, get a goal to equalise for us in our first real attacking chance. Well in lad. Not that we were level for long – a goal from Coutinho put them ahead again.

No changes at half time, and we saw a slightly better showing at first, but it was not enough. Origi made it 3-1 to Liverpool and that was how it stayed despite Everton’s best efforts to let Liverpool win by a larger margin.

Even after the introduction of Mirallas, Barry and Valencia, there will be no MOTM for me today. In mean that as no disrespect to the young lads, but something has got to change against these.

The zero desire shown is not the Everton I recognise.

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