Hull 2-2 Everton

Blues held to draw.

Hull 2-2 Everton

Expecting this to be good? Dude, do you even Everton?

Barkley started, and kicked us off. Not long after, Hull score and take the lead. Hmm. A really poor opening period followed. I mean, like, shambolic.

On the quarter hour, Coleman hits the woodwork but let’s not forget, these are bottom of the league.

All in all, not a great showing. Think of the most dire match you’ve seen and multiply it by 10.

Dross, dross and more dross, and at this point you long for Goodison. Mainly because one of the super-obstructed views would be a blessing.

On the stroke of half time we got a bit of luck as a corner bounces in of their goalie.

1-1 at half time.

Much better start to the second half but still far from what we’d like to see. Lukaku came close, and Hull likewise.

Midway through the second half Hull regained the lead with a free kick. Personally think Robles should’ve done better. Tom Davies replaced Barry after 65 minutes.

It’s at this point that I decided there will be no MOTM poll to go with this report as none of them did enough for me.

Ross Barkley netted the equaliser late on but that’s two pints thrown away for me.


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