Kendall Tributes

Everton fan site NSNO, supported by Everton Football Club, are calling on fans to celebrate the life of Everton’s greatest-ever manager on Sunday when Everton host West Ham.

Howard passed away on October 17, 2015 at the age of 69. His death touched the hearts of Evertonians all over the world and, as a sign of respect for Howard, his image wearing the number four shirt he was synonymous with will be shown on the stadium screens for Sunday’s game when the clock reaches four minutes.

Fan site NSNO has published a story encouraging supporters to show their appreciation for Howard on 35 minutes, representing his age when he first took the reins at the Blues, on 67 minutes to mark the year he first signed for the Club and 84 minutes to celebrate the year Howard won his first trophy as Everton manager.

More: NSNO | Raise the roof for Howard Kendall.

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