Liverpool Mayor “blown away” by Moshiri

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has never been “never been more optimistic” about Everton’s future and admits to having been “blown away” by Farhad Moshiri and claims the scope of his ambition is vast.

The Mayor of Liverpool spent time with Farhad Moshiri and Bill Kenwright at their London office on Tuesday and he told the Liverpool Echo, he was hugely impressed with the Iranian-born billionaire.

He said: “From that meeting as both the Mayor of Liverpool and an Evertonian I was absolutely filled with more optimism than ever and a sense the future is very bright for the club.

“I was blown away by his passion and commitment.

“Mr Moshiri understands how much investment Everton require both on and off the pitch. The scope of his ambition is vast.

“Make no mistake about it – he is here to make Everton a success story. His vision is not just about new players and a new stadium it’s fundamentally transforming the club at every level. He wants to make Everton a global player but also realises the importance of its role in the community and this city.

“Likewise he mentioned the importance of the academy and nurturing local players as we have always done so well. The future is bright.

“It’s clear he is not just here for the short-term. It’s about securing the club’s future.”

On the subject of Everton’s new stadium – Anderson said: “Farhad and Bill Kenwright are looking at all options, which you would expect them to.

“They will have my support and I’ll help in every way I can.

“I’ll do whatever I can to help them make the Dock work or prepare an alternative which means the club has a world class new home.”

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