Champions League and a new stadium

Bill Kenwright has spoke of how Farhad Moshiri’s Everton vision includes Champions League football, a new stadium and a Director of Football.

Kenwright: “Farhad absolutely has a vision for this football club.

“It involves the Champions League and a new stadium.

“Is he going Roman Abramovic? No, I think that model is sort of gone, but he absolutely looks at Everton as his big adventure.

“I know my Everton, he knows the world game. Ask him about Yarmolenko – and that’s not a hint! – and he’ll say how he knows him inside out and backwards.

“He has been looking at football for his big adventure and met a lot of clubs and found the beating heart he was looking for in Everton.

With regards to the much speculated Director of Football position, Kenwright said;

“What I have picked up in the last four weeks is it is an important role and if done right it can add to a football club.

“It is modern football and if you get the right one it is a big plus. We are talking to various Directors of Football and Ronald has worked with a lot of them. He will embrace that, as well as the Everton way.

“So I would have thought yes, we are leaning towards appointing a Director of Football but Ronald has to be part of that process. Various first rate people have been mentioned.”

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