Koeman’s Key Quotes

Ronald Koeman was formally unveiled as Everton boss at a press conference on Friday afternoon.

Here are some of his key quotes;

On leaving Southampton for Everton

“I will keep it short on Southampton as it is important to look forward in life. I had a meeting with the board – the first option was to go into the third year of my contract, and I said that was not possible.

“There was no way I was signing a new contract and I did not agree. Through that whole story, Everton showed that kind of interest. Southampton gave me the permission to talk to Everton and I’m the new manager – and that’s all I would like to say.

“Thanks to them, we had two fantastic seasons – thanks to the players, staff and fans, but I’m in Everton now.

“I am very pleased to be part of a great project. I am very excited to be here. It is important to show ambition to win. Everybody at Everton is ready to take the next step.

“Everybody is hungry – the people at the club and the fans – to put Everton back to where we were. We want to keep our best players. I will have meetings with the players and we will see what happens”.

On inbound transfers

“We need to first see what we have here and in the academy. After we know, we will see what we need to bring.

“The best way is to talk about players and the squad with the people involved with Everton.

“It’s not the way to mention at first to people outside the club. We will have meetings about the squad and what we need.

“We kept David and Duncan Ferguson in the club – they have more experience with Everton players.”

On the potential to sign Southampton players

“”I don’t know [if I am going to try and sign a Southampton player]. It’s difficult, I like most of the players but maybe it’s best we don’t make that fight today”.

On outgoing transfer speculation

“I have had that experience in my last two years, always a lot of interest in players.

“Like everybody I would like to keep these key players, because you don’t want to sell your best players, but we will see what happens.ׁ”

On Romelu Lukaku

“I haven’t spoken to Romelu,” Koeman confessed. “From this moment, I’m working for Everton and I will talk to several players.

“Lukaku is a key player, a goalscorer, you don’t want to lose your best players. If I can do something about that, I will.

On John Stones

“I like to help everybody and sometimes you have something more, he plays where I played. There will be good support for the boy. First I would like to talk to him personally, ask what his feeling is and make conclusions.”

On Evertonian’s reception to his appointment

“It is nice to hear the fans wanted me. It makes the first days that bit more comfortable. It is like a family here.”

On the next step

“It is important to show ambition to win,’ he said. ‘Everybody at Everton is ready to take the next step.

“Everybody knows the history of Everton, it’s a big history and it’s nice to be part of that. To win, to play european cup football, to win titles, and everyone in the club is ready to take the next step.

“That’s from the start, when we had the meeting about Everton, it was lovely, and the reason is to be part of that.”

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