“Lukaku will leave Everton”

Everton want £65m for Lukaku and he’ll be sold before Euro 2016 according to Romelu Lukaku’s dad.

Roger Lukaku told Het Nieuws Blad “At the moment a transfer to either Manchester or Bayern Munich seems the best way forward. Especially Bayern is a club that’s always in the semi finals of the Champions League and the Bundesliga will fit his style of play. He shouldn’t go to Italy as it’s too defensive.

“In order to make progression one thing is sure. Romelu must go to a new club. Romelu will have a choice in that move but in the end it will probably be his agent that makes the final decision. I hope and think Mino will be honest. In Romelu’s case it will be finalized quickly. If a transfer has been finalized yet? Almost, I believe it will be done and dusted before the start of Euro 2016”


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