Nobody invests in regression

Despite the desperate gloom of the Anfield debacle, and the impending feeling of further capitulation in the semi final on Saturday, we need to remind ourselves of the future.

A season that has promised much has mirrored Martinez’s near three years here, initial hope and progress followed by the most severe and almost inexplicable regression.

At the beginning of March, Mr Moshiri made a short but promising introductory message in the Chelsea match programme.

In that statement he commits to “ensure that the Club recaptures the glory days of the past and builds sustained success in the future”

Clearly this reference covers many areas both off field and on field.

Given his record of achievement in business, it’s natural to assume both the resources and expertise are made available to resolve the stadium and the commercial issues which have been such a drain on our ability to compete equally this past 25 years.

Similarly, on the pitch, resources and expertise is required to take our existing squad and add to it to achieve Mr Moshiri’s  and our (the fans) ambitions.

Let’s examine this more carefully though. I have no doubt the resources will be made available to retain and build the squad dubbed as Everton’s “finest in many years”.

The problem, as has become all too apparent is in the management and coaching of this squad. The regression we, the fans, have seen in every aspect of a professional football team (tactics, spirit, fitness, desire to win) can only lay at the feet of the management team who have steadfastly refused to acknowledge such problems, and change strategy to overcome them.

The result is a team bereft of any positive characteristic – talent, belief, desire, completely drained from a very talented group of players.

My point in this short article is to say that Mr Moshiri will have seen this as clearly as you and I. He’s made the most public investment of his career, one that he will be determined to succeed both financially and on the pitch. Categorically therefore he will not see Martinez and his coaching team as part of the solution, and it’s just a question of when he believes is the right time for them to go. Is that before or after the semi-final? I don’t know – my thoughts are it will be after.

So to conclude, Mr Moshiri is committed to our footballing success, he is talking to the best  management talents available, in the short term we’re suffering in a way I hoped I’d never see, but I’m positive the changes will be made in the next hours, days or weeks. We’ve a great deal to look forward to – I believed him when he said “most importantly, Everton is about great football and winning matches”

That can’t be done without management  and coaching changes, he knows that, it will happen be it in hours, days or the next few weeks.

The management team will soon be history, let’s get behind the players and shirts and do our bit for a semi final victory.

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