Moyes and Martinez had a difficult second season and were given time to rebuild the squad.

The ‘Moytinez’ Conundrum

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Unless you are an Everton fan living under a rock at the moment, you must be fully aware that the ‘Martinez Out’ movement has been gathering pace as the team lurches from one week to the next, with seemingly no improvement and even less desire shown than in the previous week. A natural consequence of this is speculation regarding who should replace Martinez should the board decide to act, and subsequently David Moyes is a name that keeps on appearing.

Now before I delve further into this suggestion I must make it clear that I don’t support a return for Moyes. He was a great manager for us, but the club has moved on and it would be remiss of us to return to Moyes just because we know what we are getting. It’s like having your favourite blanket as a child removed from you; the only reason you want it back is because you feel safe with it.

However, that doesn’t detract from the fact that the club should be looking to hire someone of a similar type to Moyes. What Moyes brought was a hard-working, committed and consistent team, something that is clearly lacking in this current crop of players. Whilst Martinez clearly has a team of better individuals, what he has been unable to extract from them is their best performances week in, week out.

We used to be well-drilled, players used to know their positions, we used to be hard to beat. What we have now is lots of attacking flair, but a brittle team that looks distinctly lost under what is clearly a managers failing tactics that he will just never change or adapt; he’s just not that type of manager. Whilst he remains, it is clear that the inconsistency will also remain.

Under Moyes we got 110% every game from every player, he demanded nothing less. Martinez, however, seems to only be able to get the best out of players on the big occasions and even then it must now be questioned as to whether it’s really him who gets the players up for these games or if the players are just doing it for themselves. But for all of Moyes’ qualities, the football under him was often dull, with the illusion that results were often being grounded out rather than convincingly won.

So where does that leave us on the managerial front? Well for starters there is absolutely no guarantee that Martinez will go and an FA Cup win will more than likely provide a stay of execution. But what do we need? Well the answer probably lies in needing a manager who can combine both the desire, commitment and consistency of a Moyes’ team, with the attacking qualities under Martinez; a combination that pronounced ‘the school of science was back’ in Martinez’s first season. What we need now is a manager with ‘Moyteniz’ qualities, but who that will be? Well only time will tell.

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