Martinez on Baines Apology

Roberto Martinez has responded to Leighton Baines’ remarks that Everton lack chemistry.

Although Martinez thinks Baines’ comments were taken out of context, he revealed he has had a chat with Baines who has taken responsibility and apologised.

Martinez: “It is very disappointing when you see a misinterpretation of a player’s words, and clearly this has taken out of context.

“I’ve had a chat with him and he knows he has to take responsibility for those words. He’s apologised and taken responsibility for leaving those words open.

“He has put himself in a position where he has given the wrong words. He’s apologised and we will move forward.”

“We have a strong mentality and that is not going to be tested by comments from outside”.

“It is important our fans understand that words can be taken out of context. We are not performing well at the moment, but that is something we want to change quickly.”

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