Martinez: “We can’t be told we are underachieving”

Roberto Martinez has refuted claims his Everton team is under performing and reaffirmed his philosophy is to win games and not keep clean sheets.

Martinez: “My philosophy and my way of working is not to keep clean sheets, my philosophy is to win games.

“We can’t be told we are underachieving because we have never won anything before with this group of players.

“It is different when you have a team that for some reason has reached a very good level and for some reason the season after drops its level.

“Our young players know that now they have gone to a different level of scrutiny. It means when they do something good and exceptional they are going to be expected to win the World Cup for their country, and when they do something bad it is catastrophe and the end of the world.

“Mentally it is a very important process for them to learn that new role but we are going to carry on working to be a winning team and fulfil our potential and that’s not going change by us reaching Wembley or not.”

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