Baines: “Our games to wins ratio isn’t good enough”

Leighton Baines reckons Everton haven’t been good enough this season and called on his teammates to take responsibility and improve.

Baines told the ECHO. “We know we are very much capable of winning games but our record, at the moment, would suggest we aren’t doing that enough.

“Our games to wins ratio isn’t good enough for the amount of talent that’s in this squad so, as a collective, we have to take responsibility for it and try and improve and do it as quickly as we can, while we’re still in touching distance of the clubs above us.”

“We’ve thought to ourselves ‘a decent run here and we’re right back in it’ but doing it is another thing.

“There are no easy games in this league and you see everyone beating each other and strange results but we go into the Swansea game at Goodison knowing that if we can string a few results together then we are right back in the mix.

“With two or three wins we can pick a few teams off and get ourselves in a position to have a run at it towards the end of the season.

“We are not winning enough football matches at present to justify being higher up the league but we have got to find way to start.

“Hopefully we can get a positive result in the cup and come out of the next few weeks feeling good about ourselves.”

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