Things Martinez must to do save Everton’s season


Joel Robles and Tim Howard

Tim Howard has come in for some hefty criticism for his displays this season and the general consensus from the fanbase is that he is no longer good enough to be the Everton No 1.

However, while he still has some backers – though the number is dwindling with the defensive errors now rising game by game – the moment he was sarcastically cheered for catching the ball against Stoke was the moment which must now force Martinez to take action.

Howard has lost the fans. From his bizarre star jumps to his failure to command his area to his indecisiveness – he has become a figure of ridicule. Sure, he might be great around the dressing room; a leader. Yes, you may trust him more than deputy Joel. But when the fans turn you have to take him out of the firing line.

Whether supporters in the Gwladys Street were right or wrong to mock the American as frustrations continue to grow, persisting on starting a keeper with such a heavy burden of pressure now on his shoulders will not benefit the club or improve results in any way.

While Howard will clearly sense the frustration in the crowd, what must Joel be thinking, too? The 25-year-old kept three clean sheets in his last three Premier League games and has performed well in the Capital One Cup. Give him a go! He deserves his chance.

And another thing, even if Howard was the best keeper in the world, he’s 37 in March. Plan for the future and make the change!

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