Norwich City 1-1 Everton

Hoolahan levels in the second half to cancel out Lukaku’s first half opener as Everton continue for the first league game in succession. Bournemouth, Palace and now Norwich.

Everton held to a draw after first half domination, written by active forum member GoatJr

We meet again! This time it’s early.

No Galloway? Baines starts for the first time since back from injury.

Well we get of and in the second minute we break with the Spanish magician and shouts of a penalty but no says the ref and gives Norwich a free kick. Straight from the other side they get a corner but comes to nothing as Everton get the free kick.

Geri tried an other long pass to Rom but the defender got it, straight away they break and a cross comes in and Howard makes a save, yes he made a save, yes I know it mad. Baines passed it to Rom but was hard to control and again Norwich catching us on the break and shoots and over the bar, Howard played the goal kick short and got caught but we win the ball.

Coleman and Lukaku do a one to but things got a bit crowed, Mori plays it long Rom with a good first touch but he got tackled, Norwich down there right and Everton left again find a chance to get a shot but over the bar. Baines with the ball down to Kone who beat the defender and Lukaku had a shot and just missed.

It’s all Everton causing trouble in the middle of the pitch then a cross comes in and deflected out for a throw in. Norwich pass was short and Everton Break with that magician and from that Everton get a conrer. From that corner Everton cause trouble and that man Deulofeu with the cross and we all know who is on the end Big Rom and scores.

Norwich 0-1 Everton 15′

7 Goals in 7 Games for the Beast, 15 in all Comps.

It’s all Norwich trying to find space to cross it in but it don’t work and Everton Break with Deulofeu and he looks like he’s going to cross but no he tries to go alone but it’s a goal kick, yet again that break came from a Norwich Mistake.

It’s all Everton on and off the pitch and mean while on the pitch we break and Kone has a shot which is blocked and the rebound is just short of Deulofeu. Norwich pass and find space but Everton defend it well and its a throw in. Lukaku launch the ball up to Geri and ref gives Norwich a free kick! Norwich keep making mistakes and that gives Everton to break but Lukaku pass was to hard for Geri. Norwich with a cross and defended by Geri.

Cleverly with a cross and Lukaku should of scored and then Jerome breaks and his touch was heavy and no trouble leave for stones who put it out for a throw in. Deulofeu holds of to players and back heals the ball but Coleman wasn’t there to get the ball.

Cleverly ball to Lukaku was good but the ball ran past him. Geri to Coleman and back but Seamus was offside. Coleman to Barkley to Deulofeu to cleverly to Coleman to Deulofeu to Lukaku headed a way of only as far as Barry. Lukaku with the attempted shot who missed the ball and lucky Baines was the who hit the Demba. Kone Chased the ball and won it and was unlucky not to score and straight after Lukaku with the shit that was just wide. Stones is down after the corner doesn’t look good well he’s up and looking good. Lukaku again with the chance to score but just and I mean just wide. Should of had a hat trick by now.

Well that’s the first half done.

Norwich 0-1 Everton HT.

Norwich which the cross in the second half but defended well By Baines. Corner for Norwich which is a Goal.

Norwich 1-1 Everton 46′

Poor start from Everton!!

Lukaku had a chance but tackled Everton still have the ball. Deulofeu with his skills causing trouble and Cleverly unlucky with the shot. Everton trying to cause trouble. Deulofeu winning a free kick and I have to admit that screaming? Surely no need but anyway nothing comes from it. Lukaku and Cleverly got things complicated but Everton Win a throw in. Coleman defended well let’s hope they don’t score from this corner. Deulofeu tackled and Norwich break but came to nothing and Everton Break and Barkley should of scored,as the commander said its End to End stuff. Norwich corner which came to nothing as its offside. Norwich again but it’s Kone with the interception.

Barkley pass was short and Everton was under pressure and it could of been a goal when moris header had all Everton fans worried but Howard claimed. Geris pass was to hard for Baines when he tried to pass it.

Everton need a goal and fast and that’s what we nearly had with Baines and Barkley linking up, straight away Norwich break and lucky Howard got the ball. Norwich with a cross and headed away but Stones.

Kevin Mirallas to come on!

But who would replace him? For me it’s Kone.

Anyway before the change Kone had a chance to score but blocked well.

Well I was Wrong! It’s Geri to come off.

Geri off Mirallas on 68′

Norwich should of scored but lucky for Everton bathe didn’t, Everton need to sort out there defence.

20Minutes plus added time left. Everton need all 3 Points.

An Other change for Everton Gibbo to come on.

Barkley is to come off. 74′

Should of been 2-1 Barry with the shot and straight from that Norwich break with Jerome and Howard saves. Everton worries Norwich and get a corner which comes to nothing. This times it’s Norwich but tackled well. It’s Kevin down the Left with a cross which is headed away out to Mori but well and I mean Well over.

A Norwich change that no one cares about.

Lukaku tries to beat his player but doesn’t. Gibson pass was to hard for Kevin Mirallas.

Well 90th Minute and 3 added on. Come on Everton.
Gibson with the shot that wasn’t that high. Kevin Mirallas with the shot that was saved.

Well that’s that.

This Meeting didn’t go as I Planned.

Pick Your MOTM.

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