With over 100 club goals at the age of 22 - Lukaku is worth his weight in gold when it comes to scoring.

Rom: “I can score every game”

Romelu Lukaku was in his typical, buoyed,  confident mood – insisting he can score in every game as he chases Jamie Vardy for top spot in the goal-scoring charts.

Lukaku: “As I’m playing, I can score every game. I am now second in the top scorer position, four goals from Vardy. We’ll see where I end up.

“I am a winner and I want to contribute in every victory of Everton. We are now doing well, but we can’t peak too early, because the season is long. I think we are able to finish fourth or fifth, but then we must also win points against top teams and win against relegation candidates.”

Lukaku also reckons Everton are ready for the Champions League.

“The next step for Everton is the Champions League. The players are ready, but we must realise that ourselves, of course.

“Last summer I decided not to dwell too long on a good game. I always look for the next match. Then the public expects still more. I think I haven’t played a bad match this season. I am very satisfied”


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