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Martinez: “We will make the right decisions”

Roberto Martinez has reiterated that Everton do not fear transfer windows, particularly transfer bids for John Stones and Romelu Lukaku – insisting any decision made will be one that ultimately improves Everton.

Martinez: “That is modern football. You don’t fear that situation. What you fear is when you have to sell players to balance the books.

“That is the real problem as a manager when the chairman or owner of the club says we need to cash in on two or three players. That is not the situation at Everton.

“We have a very strong day to day running of the club. The chairman has been incredible in that respect.

“Any decision we make is for the benefit of the club and squad going forward. That does not mean we will sell every player or keep every player.

“We will make the right decisions that ultimately will benefit of the squad.”

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