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Hello all, this week’s Voice In The Crowd is a name familiar to all who regularly use the forum attached to this site – this week I’ve had a word in the shell-like of our very own Chicoazul, from Bootle (mate)….

What was your first match?

Versus Doncaster Rovers FA Cup 4th Round January 1985, Steven and Stevens the scorers, 2-0.

Who are the best players you’ve seen in the flesh: the best one for Everton and the best one for football in general, apart from Everton players?

Neville Southall for Everton because how often can we say we had the best player in the world in his position playing for us? Worth so many points to us each season and a staunch proud blue to boot. For the other club’s players I always enjoyed watching Bergkamp, he had twice as much time on the ball as anyone else.

If you had control over the laws of the game, what would you change?

I’d change the amount of play acting, introducing retrospective action and instant three game bans. Shame them and decimate half of the kopite first team at the same time.

Should the transfer window be shut before a ball is kicked in anger?

Aye it should. It will also pipe down the whole bellwipe circus around deadline day.

Which player did your dad/relative speak about having seen play, that you wished you’d seen? Bob Latchford for me, my dad loved him.

My Dad was a decent centre forward and Latch was also his hero. The other was Alan Ball, I’d have loved to see him play for us.

Could you give us a realistic forecast for the season?

You think you’ll get me off the fence that easy? I reckon we’ll do alright. A good and young talented bunch of players who should only get better.

Sum up pineapple on pizza in one word.

No comment.

Thanks pal, see you all next time and who knows, it may be you I run into and harass abut Everton……

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