Stones “happy to see the end of it”

Leighton Baines reckons John Stones will be happy the transfer window has closed after Chelsea failed with several attempts to sign him.

“It has been relentless, particularly for John. Seeing him first-hand on a daily basis, it’s been difficult for him to deal with. He’s still a young lad

“It’s dragged on for such a long time and he’ll be happy now to see the end of it. John knows how to play football – he’s being doing it all his life – [but] he hasn’t had to cope with situations like this before.

“It’s John who has to pick himself up now, dust himself down and move forward, and we’ve supported him all the way through it as a Club and inside the dressing room. I think there’s a misconception sometimes – people think that when a footballer hands in a transfer request they do it and go off and play a game of golf or whatever.

“But it’s actually been such a tough thing and, as a young lad, you do lean on other people a bit more for advice at these times.

“I think the true reflection of John has been shown on the pitch – he’s conducted himself brilliantly in the dressing room and he’s performed well in all the games

“That’s when he’s being himself, that’s when we’re seeing the real John Stones. That’s the guy we all love here.”

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