Besic: “I want to play more”

Muhamed Besic was happy with the game time he received in Everton’s 5-3 victory over Barnsley, and reckons he’ll improve with more game time.

Besic: “For me it was very important – I was really pleased that I played 120 minutes,” he said. “In the last six months, that was only the second time I played over 90 minutes.

“Tonight was over 120 minutes and I was really tired after 60. But I was happy I got through the whole match.

“With the first goal and the third goal, when I am fit, I can stop those crosses and second crosses so, as you can imagine, I need more game time to get to 100 per cent.

“Now I want to play more but I have been injured for more than one month, so I have to respect that.

“Every year is a new start, so I hope we can go through the rounds and on to the final like every team wants to.

“We are a really good and strong team and when we play like we can, we are always confident we will win.”

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