Stones will learn

Roberto Martinez reckons Chelsea’s public pursuit of John Stones is a good experience for the young defender.

Martinez:  “Obviously that’s something that you hope that he’ll learn from and you get more mature and those experiences are good experiences. The bad situations that you suffer as a player are when you are injured, when you are not in the team, when you cannot reach a certain level and you cannot enjoy your football.

“Clearly John is one of the outstanding young talents that we have in the squad and you’re going to get that sort of attraction and that interest from the outside.

“Everything has been handled in a good manner and I just understand that that’s a positive.

“When you’ve got a young talent doing well, having important roles – young players like Romelu Lukaku, Ross Barkley, John Stones have had very important roles throughout this season – you’re going to get that sort of interest.

“John is an Everton player and there’s nothing else to comment on that.”



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