Roberto Martinez told the watching world, in no uncertain terms, that John Stones would not be leaving Everton

Stones will end up at a big club

Sylvain Distin is sure John Stones is on track to sign for “a big club.”

Distin: “He’s young, English, full of qualities and a good guy as well.

“I’ve often said it’s not enough to have quality on the pitch. Off the pitch you need to be grounded and a good person – and he is.

“So it’s not surprising a big club has come in for him. It is a compliment and if he carries on the way he has started and keeps working, he’ll end up at a big club, that’s for sure.

“He hasn’t played a full season yet. He needs to become a little more experienced, understanding of the Premier League and know a bit more about himself”

Distin has took some flak on Twitter for his comments and responded with;

Fans have been tweeting GrandOldTeam their opinion;

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