Mirallas: Everton Fan Reaction

Yesterday, Kevin Mirallas spoke of broken promises and subsequent awkward relationship with Roberto Martinez prompting over 2,000 comments from fans on our forum, Facebook Page and Twitter account.

A random selection of comments are below – join the conversation…


JXG: If Mirallas is genuinely this unhappy, he can leave right now and I won’t shed a single tear. Sell him to the highest bidder.

MoutsGoat: Clearly Eto’o was given promises which were broken, he left.
Distin was given promises, broken.
Mirallas now says the same.

Im sensing a pattern here.

orly: Boy, I’m sure glad we chose to keep McGeady Kone and Naismith happy over Mirallas.

johnnydawg68: Class player, but sell and use the money to buy someone else. That’s football. Would prefer he go to a Spanish side so we don’t have to play him though. We could buy Lennon and probably one more young (cheap) player with that money and we’d be fine, in addition to other recruitment with the existing budget.

Kiwi: So he wanted to leave in January but Martinez said no?
That was the January where we’d not won a game in about 10 in the league and looking like a relegation scrap would be a genuine possibility.
So well done to the manager for keeping a key player for us in a time of relative strife.
Why would a player want to leave at such a crucial time, aside from clearly not caring about the club at all nor his teammates.

If he leaves, so be it. All this pretty posturing for the belgian media about loving his time but broken promises is just to push through a move this summer which he couldn’t do in January.





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