Distin on his time at Everton

Sylvain Distin has described his six years at Everton as “amazing”.

Distin: “There’s a lot of emotions, but that’s football. I’m leaving with plenty of good memories and a big smile on my face.

“It’s always going to be a pleasure to come back here.

“I think the fans have a lot of passion and sometimes that can create a clash but when you see what happens today you realise it’s love – and there’s no love without passion.

“We gave everything and that’s representative of Everton – the fighting spirit. That’s what marked me in my first week here and I realised it was a special club.

“Before I left I made sure I explained to the guys they have something really special and they need to fight to keep it because it’s a special club and a special atmosphere and you don’t see that everywhere.

“I spent six amazing years here full of great memories and I met a lot of nice people. I’m not just talking about the guys I play with every week – it’s the girls working in the kitchen and you guys, pain the arse asking for interviews every five minutes!

“That’s what the club is. All the people working behind the scenes, not just the people on the pitch.”

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