Voice in the Crowd

Hi folks, once again I’ve been frequenting the pubs around Goodison, getting some opinions of regular blues. Today’s victim, err, willing participant is Alan Styles. 21 and from North Wales, he’s a season ticket holder in the Park End.

So, Alan, what’s your first Goodison memory?

My first match was actually the Arsenal game where Wayne Rooney scored his back-to-goal worldie, that set him on the road to success. Shame he left.

Indeed. What’s your one wish in regard to Everton?

I’d love to see us win something. I was too young to remember the 1995 FA Cup win, so anything. Even the League Cup.

I’m sure many will agree. Which player do you think will be vital next season?

Ross Barkley – I know he’s had a bit of a duff season, but I really think and hope he’ll have a good one next year. He’s got all the makings of a great player, I reckon he just needs to work on his pass selection and decision making.

Do you think the Europa League is a good thing?

Yes, although I’d prefer Champions League obviously. I’d even take this possible spot through the fair play league and use the qualifiers as pre-season games. Europe is a must for our club, in any form.

Ok, thanks Alan. Here’s hoping to a strong finish to the season.

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