Duncan Ferguson ‘dreams of being Everton manager’

Duncan Ferguson dreams of one day managing Everton, but insisted it’s something he’s currently nowhere near.

Speaking to the Times, Ferguson spoke of his passion for coaching and admitted to a dream of one day managing Everton.

Ferguson: “This is my addiction. I love it, can’t get enough of it. I’m a great admirer of Barcelona and Marcelo Bielsa, that Chile team, the way they played that intense press, 3-3-3-1.

“Developing from within is my big passion. I like to test myself on academy players, see where they end up. I started doing that four years ago, predicting their progression, seeing if I get it right.

“We’ve got a great set-up with the academy, education programmes that are second to none. There was nothing like that when I was coming through.

“When I played the game I had the reputation. You can’t get away from that. I was sent off, played hard, made mistakes in my career, in my life.

“So maybe some people do say, ‘Duncan Ferguson? God almighty.’ But they don’t know me.

“I’m serious now. “I want people to remember me as a coach.”

“Ask me an opinion, I’ll give it. I’m not afraid of sticking my neck on the line. But that’s easy to say now. I might go into management and sign ten diddies.

“I think everyone dreams of being Everton manager, don’t they,” he said. “Don’t you? Everyone has dreams, but it’s not something I’m anywhere near.

“We’ve got a top-drawer manager, outstanding, and I’m learning from him every day. I just want to be the best coach I can be. I’m working hard at it.”

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