Martinez On Transfers

Roberto Martinez has said that although he doesn’t want to lose anyone this summer, he refuses to “sell the dream “oh we need to keep these players” because that’s not modern football”

With particular reference to Stones, Barkley, McCarthy and Lukaku, Martinez said: “Those four together you can imagine are better players than they were 10 months just because of the experiences we have been through.

“I’ve seen as a manager how they react and face adversity, they became men over six months. So I know the benefits are there.

“But as a football club from window to window, we need to have a better squad and it’s not down to individuals. I don’t want to sell the dream “oh we need to keep these players” because that’s not modern football.

“If you are going to lose a player you need to become stronger by investing the money well. The recruitment needs to be right. I feel excited about those players but that doesn’t mean we put all the future on those four young players staying at the club. If they get injured we need options.

“I don’t want to lose anyone this summer. We have worked hard last summer to have continuity and worked hard to get Romelu Lukaku and Gareth Barry on a permanent basis, as well as new contracts on Ross Barkley and John Stones.

“We made huge investments in those two young player so our focus is not to lose anyone this summer and add two or three to the group. But, in the same way, if someone doesn’t want to play for Everton we need to be in a position as a football club where we can become stronger.

“We have got all of these players on long-term contracts. We control the situation. In terms of the players we bring in, it is very much about the positions we need. We need two players who can fit into how we play while giving us something we have missed this season.”

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