Lennon a catalyst

Leighton Baines reckons Aaron Lennon has been a catalyst in Everton’s recent return to form.

Baines: “Because he is so quick and dynamic in that final third, that sticks in peoples’ minds, but we’re seeing him off the ball and the work he does coming back to help Seamus [Coleman].

“It is unbelievable really. Before Saturday, his work-rate had, in some respects, been the catalyst for us to get the results.

“We hadn’t played great, but if you think about the games with Newcastle or QPR and the amount of times you see him tracking back and nicking the ball off people and doing that work, it makes a massive difference.

“It starts to embarrass people into doing it as well. If you’re not doing it and someone, who is not only giving you loads at the top end of the field, but is also coming back and doing that, it embarrasses people into doing that.

“It is infectious, but it is also encouraging when you see someone who is renowned for his attacking threat working so hard, it makes the other lads want to match that. He has been infectious.”

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