Everton to pioneer revolutionary new shirts

aficibeeEverton and kit partner Umbro are delighted to announce a brand new initiative with Apple to bring iEverton to the club.

Reacting to cutting-edge sports science, an integrated iPod Nano will be sewn into the sleeve of the shirt for the first team during Premier League games, and will have a playlist determined to fit the motivational needs of each individual player. The songs will change when a goal behind, or defending a lead, and so on.

The National Sports Institute has found that motivational music can give athletes a competitive edge. “We’ve found goalkeepers particularly responsive to lifting anthems like “Ride of the Valkyries”, whilst speedy wingers react well to the electronic dance music,” states Dr. Ijaz Fahted. “Strikers, on the other hand, respond well to German Death Metal.”

Umbro Director of Communications, Alif Solpro:  “We’re always looking for the next big thing in football shirt design, and this design is something we’re very excited about. The aim is to focus players’ minds on the game via music and to minimise external distractions.”

“The pouch is ultra-secure and doesn’t compromise player comfort. The earphones are still sewn up through the inside of the fabric and out from the modified collar.”

Everton’s Darron Gibson is keen to try out the new technology. “Anything that gives us a competitive edge is a good thing. It’ll be good to get the tunes blurring during the game.”


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