Ross Barkley vs QPR

Naismith’s Barkley Warning

Steven Naismith has warned fans to give Ross Barkley time to learn and develop.

Naismith: “It’s the normal kind of British mentality where he is expected to be a world beater as soon as he comes in, young players are going to be hot and cold for many years. It’s not until they hit their mid-20s they will be very consistent.

“It’s always going to be difficult for him. He is a terrific talent and he’s got a lot going for him, but he’s got a lot to learn and after the World Cup there was a lot of expectation.

“Ross has suffered from a bit of that. He’s got all the talent in the world but he’s got a lot to learn and you just have to give him time to learn.

“He will make mistakes and he will maybe come on in games and be effective or he will come on and lose the ball. He needs to learn the times when he does go forward and do his bit and the times to keep it simple. But that will come with experience.

“He will work as hard as he can, he will do extra training and that’s all you can ask. I think in the coming years if we are patient with him he will be a terrific player for Everton and England.

“When he plays as a No.10 or a bit further forward he has less defensive responsibilities, whereas [against QPR] he had to switch on and be more defensive-minded. I thought Ross and Mo Besic, who are both quite inexperienced did fantastically well.

“You have to keep reminding him but again you look at our club and we have got great players who can mentor him for playing a bit more defensive or going forward, like Gaz Barry and the other experienced boys at the club.”

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