Besic: “In maybe half a year I will be a perfect player”

Muhamed Besic has acknowledged at 22, he is still learning the game but has given himself half-a-year to iron out the “stupid mistakes” in his game before he can consider himself the “perfect player.”

Besic: “I like tackles. That’s my style of play. I like to tackle and play it easy. [Vs QPR] I lost the ball three or four times but that will come with games.

“I am still young and I have to learn because sometimes I make stupid mistakes but I think when I play, in maybe half a year I will be a perfect player.

“I am enjoying it because I come from a small league and now I am on a big stage. So I enjoy every game and always give my best. Sometimes I may not play well but I always give my best.

“I learn from every player, but they can also learn from me. It doesn’t matter what your age is.”

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